Brazilian Scouts Union

Created by Robert Baden-Powell, in 1907, in England, it is an informal educational movement, centenary but actualized by its constant improvement. Scout Movement’s proposition is to contribute for the development of children, teenagers and youngsters, through open-air activities, experience in teamwork, aiding the development of fraternity, leadership, solidarity and responsibility, having as goal the personal realization and collective welfare. In the State of São Paulo Scouting sums 22.600 members distributed along 304 Scout Groups, which do effort in the complementation of the up building of each child, teenager and youngster. Brazilian Scouts Union is a non-profit association, national actuation, aiming education, culture, goodwill and philanthropy. Since 2004 there is mutual cooperation between Grande Loja do Estado de São Paulo and the Brazilian Scouts Union – São Paulo Region. Scouts Groups are spread around the world, without caring about boundaries, races or creeds: there are about 31 million members, present in 216 countries.