DeMolay Order

DeMolay Order is an institution that searches to shape young men’s character so when, arriving at adulthood, they may contribute in the development of the community to which they belong. It is a fraternal, safe and healthy environment, composed by male youngsters, aged between 12 and 21 years. The teachings are based in the practice of voluntary, philanthropic, goodwill, sports and social activities, with the transmission of leadership techniques, oratory, conflict resolution, management and institutional organization techniques, besides philosophic studies, guided by the virtues of filial love, respect for sacred things, courtesy, companionship, fidelity, pureness and patriotism. It was created by the Mason Frank Sherman Land, in Kansas (USA), in 1919. It is present in various nations and about four million youngsters have already passed through the organization. Present in Brazil since 1980, more than 200 thousand Brazilians were initiated in the fraternity. In the course of time, DeMolay Order revealed to be an important tool for the consecution of Masonic goals: to make youngsters become free men of good tenure, virtues irradiators in their communities