International Order of Job’s Daughters

Job’s Daughters International is a juvenile paramasonic organization directed to girls between 10 and 20 years of age, and in which the goal is the social, intellectual and spiritual developing, in citizenship exercise. The candidates must have a family link, by blood or by law, with a Mason or a Job’s Daughter. The Order was founded in 1920, in USA, by Mrs. Ethel Theresa Wead Mick, who was a member of the Eastern Star Order, with the agreement of J.B. Frademburg, Grand Master of the Nebraska Masonic Grand Lodge and of the Nebraska Grand Chapter of the Eastern Star Order. Job’s Daughters are present in many countries, as USA (where the headquarters of the Supreme Guardian Council are), Canada, Philippines, Australia and Brazil, counting here almost 5 thousand active members, in 250 Bethels, spread throughout the whole country. The first Brazilian Bethel was installed in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in 1993. The Order arrived to São Paulo 15 years ago and, now, counts 23 active Bethels. The Grand Lodge is an encourager of Job’s Daughters in all states of Brazil.