Paramasonic Entities


Mankind’s development, personal and social relations expansion and the Masonic Order’s representativeness, can’t bear to stay restricted to the activities of the members of each Lodge. This fact minimizes the transference of acquired knowledge, mainly when they are not passed to the members of our families. So, looking to how much good there is to be passed collectively to the Masonic Family, it was well thought to bring it up in order to create channels which have conditions to communicate values and examples, bringing them closer to the Masonic Lodges.

So, as time passed, there were developed Paramasonic Entities: the Eastern Star, the Rainbow Girls, the Job’s Daughters, the Pledges and the DeMolays, among others. Mainly because of its educational essence and of personal development, Masonry embraced also the Scouting. All these paramasonic bodies have their own regulations and administrations, but the essence of their teachings, follows, in full accordance, to the Masonry spirit. So, knowing each of these Orders, it is up to the Masons and the Lodges, as a whole, let know, support and encourage paramasonic activities in their territories, participating, with their families, or appointing known persons which are in condition to enter the desired order.

The Grande Loja do Estado de São Paulo, through its Grand Master has given all support to the Grand Secretaries of Paramasonic Entities, for their recognition is a way to participate in the improvement of the human beings, and so, contributing to the Society welfare.